Take Alexa on the go with Alexa Auto


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Amazon Alexa, your personal voice assistant just got better. Now, you can take Alexa everywhere you go with Alexa Auto. Whether you are commuting to work, traveling to your favorite vacation spot, or simply driving to the grocery store, Alexa Auto can help you with your day to day tasks. Ask Alexa to play music, make phone calls, get directions, control your smart home devices, and more all while keeping your eyes on the road.

To learn more about Alexa Auto please click here: Alexa Auto

As the lead turn-key solution provider, Linkplay can help you build out a high quality auto product integrated with Alexa Auto. Our highly optimized turn-key solution includes software, hardware, audio front-end, multi-room, end-to-end tech support, leading content streaming services integrated in one central mobile app, and more.

In addition, our white labels are ready for Alexa-enabled auto products.

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If you are interested and would like to learn more about integrating voice solutions into your brand’s auto product, please contact info@linkplay.com  

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Take Alexa on the go with Alexa Auto

Amazon Music In-App Integration is Here!


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We are pleased to announce that popular streaming music service, Amazon Music is now integrated in our Linkplay companion app. This Amazon Music integration gives users with products Powered by Linkplay access to Amazon Music within their product companion app.

With Amazon Music, Prime members enjoy more than 2 million songs and thousands of stations and playlists at no additional cost to their membership. Listeners looking for even more music selection can try Amazon Music Unlimited, a premium subscription service that provides unlimited access to more than 50 million songs including all the latest new releases. In addition to today’s news, Linkplay will also offer a 30 day free trial for Amazon Music Unlimited for listeners who are not yet enjoying the subscription service.

We are beyond excited to integrate Amazon Music into our solution. With this new integration, users will be able to listen to ad-free music with unlimited skips and offline playback. Users can also create their own playlist or choose from a selection of thousands of playlists and stations. Please stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming months!

Amazon Music In-App Integration is Here!

Motorola’s First Ever Alexa-Enabled Wireless Home Phone


Voice assistant has become a part of our daily lives. To keep up with the popularity in voice assistant, Motorola has launched its first ever Alexa-enabled wireless home phone. This phone enables users to use Alexa voice service (AVS) to perform daily tasks such as make phone calls, control other Alexa-enabled smart home products, add items to the shopping list, and more.

Linkplay has been branching out into new verticals and is excited to go into the DECT phone market to enhance traditional landline phones with our Linkplay solutions.

Motorola’s First Ever Alexa-Enabled Wireless Home Phone

Introducing SoundPEATS Alexa-Enabled Bluetooth Headphones Powered By Linkplay Technology

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SoundPEATS Alexa-enabled earbuds is a great on-the-go product powered by Linkplay Technology. These earbuds have an amazing battery life, enabling users to listen to music or make phone calls up to 8 hours and has up to 100 hours of standby time. Its customizable earbuds, ergonomic design, and sweat resistant feature is perfect for any kind of active lifestyles such as running, cycling, hiking, gym exercise, and sports.  And on top of that, these earbuds are Alexa-enabled, allowing users to use their voice for a variety of tasks including playing music, answering questions, setting alarms, and controlling their smart home all while on the go.

Linkplay Technology is excited to go into the hearables market and are looking forward to help more brands develop high-quality hearable products.

Introducing SoundPEATS Alexa-Enabled Bluetooth Headphones Powered By Linkplay Technology

IHeartRadio New Podcasts And Global Coverage Announcement



The partnership between Linkplay and iHeartRadio started out with both companies coming together to fully integrate iHeartRadio into the Linkplay app back in 2015. From there, both companies have continued to work together and have built a strong and lasting partnership. As proud partners, Linkplay would like to share some exciting news regarding iHeartRadio!

iHeartMedia, the leading audio and media company in the US, made an agreement to acquire Stuff Media, one of the leading podcast publishers with well-known podcasts likeStuff You Should Know and Atlanta Monster.

iHeartMedia is already partnered up with big podcast publishers and offers over 20,000 podcasts to all listeners. Since its acquisition of Stuff Media, it is now the biggest global commercial podcaster!

For more details on the partnership between iHeartMedia and Stuff Media , please refer to the press release here:  iHeartMedia To Acquire Stuff Media



iHeartRadio has also teamed up with Amazon Alexa for Hospitality, which brings Amazon Echo devices to hotels and vacation rentals.

Guests can use Amazon Echo in their room to request guest services, play music, turn on the lights, and more using Alexa. They will also have easy access to iHeartRadio without the trouble of signing in to an account. Simply ask Alexa to play music and it will automatically launch iHeartRadio.

Alexa for Hospitality can be beneficial for OEM brands who are looking into the Hospitality market and could be a potential partnership in the future.

Check out the article for more information: Listen to iHeartRadio in Your Hotel Room with Alexa for Hospitality

IHeartRadio New Podcasts And Global Coverage Announcement

Partnership with Intel – Ross Creek


Linkplay Technology and Intel have partnered up to develop the first ever voice service, the Ross Creek, specifically designed for PC products like desktops and notebooks. With this new technology, consumers can depend on their PCs to perform everyday tasks, like turning on the kitchen lights, playing music, and calling friends with just their voice. When working with both Linkplay and Intel, you can expect easy integration and high quality performance.

Benefits to look out for:

  • Great Performance
  • PC Power
  • Multi-Assistant Support
  • Windows*10 Ready
  • Wireless Connect
Partnership with Intel – Ross Creek

Linkplay Joins Spotify ACP Program


Ringing in the New Year with exciting news! Linkplay Technology is one of the first to join the Spotify ACP (Authorized Certification Partner) Program. This means Linkplay can self-certify products for Spotify Connect. Being part of this program will significantly shorten the certification timeline, and will overall lead to a smoother process from here on out!

Here is the new certification process:
1. Two sample products will still need to be shipped to Linkplay offices
2. Brand customer still required to fill out Spotify Connect info sheet and provide marketing materials as before
3. Linkplay will do the full certification for the device in-house
4. Spotify will verify Linkplay QA’s testing results (Note: occasionally Spotify will spot check and do a fuller evaluation of a device)
5. Spotify will issue the final Certification Pass notice to the end customer
6. All brand customers are required to have all legal documentation in order before launching any products.

Linkplay Joins Spotify ACP Program