Hello, 2016!


As we start the new year, we wanted to attempt new and great things -blogging being one of them. It might not be the most innovative breakthrough, but there’s so much information out there and we wanted to consolidate it for you in one convenient location 🙂

On our blog, we’ll be featuring videos, articles, updates and announcements to keep you in the loop. One goal we have for 2016 is working towards building up the community, so here’s to the new year and the first post!

The IdeaHomeScreen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.08.33 AM.pngOne of the newest products Powered by Linkplay is called the IdeaHome. It’s quite different from the traditional Bluetooth speaker, in fact, the newest Wi-Fi technology embedded into its hardware guarantees a bandwidth of up to 150Mbps. Higher bandwidth carries more audio signal, which means you can stream music with a full and rich quality!


  • Connect directly to your home Wi-Fi network without the complicated process
  • Switch from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth mode at any time
  • Create 1-6 personalized preset playlists or entire albums for instant access
  • Multi-room function allows you to connect to a whole family of speakers that are powered by Linkplay!

Check out a product review of the IdeaHome here:

If you’re interested in purchasing, click here for more information!

Hello, 2016!