What’s New with Linkplay?

March Newsletter 2017

The appetite and momentum for voice activated assistants in Wi-Fi speakers and smart home devices are skyrocketing. To support the ever-growing demand, Linkplay recently announced another strategic ODM relationship with ANAM Electronics. This is exciting because it expands the category by addressing the needs of customers at the higher end of the A/V receiver and speaker market.

In other news, Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service (AVS) officially launched in the UK and Germany at the end of January. We are excited to report that several of our speaker brand customers are in the process of rolling out Powered by Linkplay products in those countries. Now more consumers than ever will have the pleasure and convenience of using AVS to listen to music, news, order food, check weather forecasts, order products and check their commute to work all with the benefit of high resolution, lossless audio devices.

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What’s New with Linkplay?