June Newsletter 2017

Linkplay is thrilled to announce our new sales representatives and distribution partners in the U.S. and Europe in response to high demands for our turnkey Wi-Fi audio solution with Alexa voice services. Introducing companies: Parts Express International, Vocal Cord Technologies Limited, Indesmatech; each providing full support for those interested in integrating Powered by Linkplay’s turnkey Wi-fi hardware and software solution into their products. For full coverage regarding our new sales representative and distribution partners, please check out our recent press release below! Shipments of Voice Personal Assistant Speakers projected to more than double in 2017 In addition, we recently added a new page “Sales Contacts” to our website directing our future partners to our global sales representatives. If you are interested in building your product with Linkplay today, please click on the button below:

Click here for Sales Contacts

For media inquiries please contact Mark Zadeh at markz@Linkplay.com.

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June Newsletter 2017