August Newsletter


Linkplay Technology will be attending IFA 2017 in Berlin, Germany this fall on September 1st-6th. If you are interested in learning more about our turn-key Wi-fi solution integrated with Amazon Alexa Service (AVS) and would like to meet with us at the conference, please email us at

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In other news, Linkplay is excited to announce new partnership with Audible! Our brand partners, if you’d like to offer a one-month free access of Audible to your end-customers via your products powered by Linkplay, please send your inquiry to We would be more than happy to further discuss with you. In addition, we are working on integrating more popular music streaming services to satisfy our customers! We are currently in the process of integrating iHeartRadio on-demand as well as Amazon Prime Music, which is scheduled to launch in the near future. We also are planning on providing support for both the WHA and 3PDA later on in the year. Please stay tuned for more updates!

News from our supported streaming services
Check it out! iHeartRadio has updated their Logo and Branding Guidelines:

Wi-Fi Connectivity Best Practices 
Here we provided tips/solutions to ensure quality support for your customers:
Tip #1: Before connecting the device to Wi-Fi, please be sure that the router is running on a 2.4 GHz band network.
Tip #2: If the normal setup to Wi-Fi does not work, please have the user go through the Alternative Setup.
Tip #3: If the users are experiencing Wi-Fi disconnections please have them initiate a factory reset.
Tip #4: If the Wi-Fi connection issue still persists, please ask the user to send a feedback log through the companion app.
For more best practices and troubleshooting solutions, please check out our help center:

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August Newsletter