First-ever Ai-for-audio Solution to Debut at CES 2018 as Part of New Linkplay-Bambu Strategic Partnership


Silicon Valley, CA, December 19, 2017 — The world’s first-ever Ai-for-audio technology will be formally debuted at CES 2018 in January as part of a new strategic partnership between Linkplay Technology and Bambu Tech, creating a potent differentiating solution for smart-device makers across a wide array of industry verticals, according to a joint announcement from both companies.

By offering Bambu’s pioneering software-only AWSM Ai Audio™ on its WiFi module, Linkplay will also become the world’s first turnkey Wifi audio solution provider to apply “adaptive intelligence” to optimize inbound voice and outbound audio processing.

Last year, Linkplay became one of the first System Integrators for Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS). Its turnkey platform is powered in many products such as iHome, Jam Audio, Kitsound, Anker, FABRIQ and etc.

“With Ai Audio, Linkplay will be enabling branded OEMs and ODMs in the rapidly growing wireless audio market to substantially differentiate their products,” says Jade Wu, Linkplay’s Chief Business Officer. “We know that’s vitally important to our customers and prospects, as the segment becomes more competitive.”

“The more competitive, the more they’ll need to address the forces of commoditization,” she adds. “While we’ve been the leader in the smart-device market, we continue to press for ways that will help our customers stand out.”

For Bambu, the strategic partnership with a market-leader such as Linkplay offers yet more validation for the startup’s Advanced Wave Sound Method, aka AWSM (pronounced “awesome.”), which uses adaptive intelligence to significantly improve the fidelity compromised by digital audio compression in any format, whether MP3s, AACs, or even CD-quality WAV files.

Bambu’s software-only solution is being welcomed among major global brands and manufacturers in some of world’s biggest industry verticals, including consumer electronics, smartphones, and automotive.

“Our partnership with Linkplay attests to how well our technology and its value proposition is resonating across the marketplace,” says Bambu CEO Dayne Sieling. “It’s simple – we make digital audio sound way better and can save device makers money to boot.”

“What manufacturers are realizing is that, until now, they’ve had few options to improve user experience other than by resorting to more expensive hardware,” he says. “But we can prove that software alone can deliver better audio quality – and cut BOM in the process.”

Bambu Tech’s AWSM AI Audio™ brings better-than-broadcast quality to any digitally compressed multimedia, voice stream or file in any format on any device.

Adaptive intelligence” is a recognized branch of computing. The concept hails from the growing stores of data connected originally to online applications and, more recently, to cloud computing.

AWSM Ai Audio analyzes, anticipates, and adapts.  It analyzes audio sample-by-sample in real-time. It then anticipates what needs to be done to ensuing samples in real time. Finally, it adapts to the dynamic millisecond-to-millisecond changes, details, and harmonics of sound — cleaning and restoring them as they affect each other the way they do in the physical world.

“Compressed digital audio sucks, and everyone knows it,” says Bambu CEO Dayne Sieling. “It’s become a necessary evil – necessary to provide consumers convenient access to vast libraries of stored and streamed MP3s, AACs, etc. out there, and evil because compression degrades audio quality.

Executives from both companies also pointed to the latest forecasts for one of biggest market for their solutions, one just released by Persistence Market Research. Led especially by demand for wireless smart speakers and multi-room systems, Persistence projects the global home theatre audio systems will grow at a 5 percent CAGR to become a US$ 15B market by the end of 2025.

“The market for smart connected devices will continue to explode. How to meet such a high demand with evolving tech is a question we ask ourselves daily. ” says Linkplay’s Wu. ” Adding AWSM AI Audio™ as part of Linkplay solution was conceived to fine tune the audio experience in the finest micro-details that humans could possibly achieve.”

Both companies will be at CES 2018. Linkplay will be in at the Venetian in Suite 35-204, where Bambu also will be demonstrating its AWSM Ai Audio on smart speakers, soundbars, TVs, laptops, smartphones, and cars.

About Linkplay:

Linkplay Technology, headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, was founded by a global team of hardware and software engineers, business executives, and wireless audio experts. Linkplay’s patent-pending technology is a turn-key WiFi audio platform with global streaming music content integration, app and cloud development for speaker brands and ODMs. Technology partners include original design manufacturers (ODMs), component suppliers and key technology investors. For more information about Linkplay, visit or email Smart devices.

About Bambu Tech:

Bambu Tech, headquartered in near Los Angeles, with offices in Silicon Valley and China. Its patent-pending, trademarked, and copyrighted Advanced Sound Wave Method is a software-only solution with applicability across consumer electronics, smartphones, automotive, and others. For more information visit or email Patrick Houston, VP of Strategy Development.

First-ever Ai-for-audio Solution to Debut at CES 2018 as Part of New Linkplay-Bambu Strategic Partnership