IHeartRadio New Podcasts And Global Coverage Announcement



The partnership between Linkplay and iHeartRadio started out with both companies coming together to fully integrate iHeartRadio into the Linkplay app back in 2015. From there, both companies have continued to work together and have built a strong and lasting partnership. As proud partners, Linkplay would like to share some exciting news regarding iHeartRadio!

iHeartMedia, the leading audio and media company in the US, made an agreement to acquire Stuff Media, one of the leading podcast publishers with well-known podcasts likeStuff You Should Know and Atlanta Monster.

iHeartMedia is already partnered up with big podcast publishers and offers over 20,000 podcasts to all listeners. Since its acquisition of Stuff Media, it is now the biggest global commercial podcaster!

For more details on the partnership between iHeartMedia and Stuff Media , please refer to the press release here:  iHeartMedia To Acquire Stuff Media



iHeartRadio has also teamed up with Amazon Alexa for Hospitality, which brings Amazon Echo devices to hotels and vacation rentals.

Guests can use Amazon Echo in their room to request guest services, play music, turn on the lights, and more using Alexa. They will also have easy access to iHeartRadio without the trouble of signing in to an account. Simply ask Alexa to play music and it will automatically launch iHeartRadio.

Alexa for Hospitality can be beneficial for OEM brands who are looking into the Hospitality market and could be a potential partnership in the future.

Check out the article for more information: Listen to iHeartRadio in Your Hotel Room with Alexa for Hospitality

IHeartRadio New Podcasts And Global Coverage Announcement