Linkplay Joins Spotify ACP Program


Ringing in the New Year with exciting news! Linkplay Technology is one of the first to join the Spotify ACP (Authorized Certification Partner) Program. This means Linkplay can self-certify products for Spotify Connect. Being part of this program will significantly shorten the certification timeline, and will overall lead to a smoother process from here on out!

Here is the new certification process:
1. Two sample products will still need to be shipped to Linkplay offices
2. Brand customer still required to fill out Spotify Connect info sheet and provide marketing materials as before
3. Linkplay will do the full certification for the device in-house
4. Spotify will verify Linkplay QA’s testing results (Note: occasionally Spotify will spot check and do a fuller evaluation of a device)
5. Spotify will issue the final Certification Pass notice to the end customer
6. All brand customers are required to have all legal documentation in order before launching any products.

Linkplay Joins Spotify ACP Program